Marketing consulting


When it comes to marketing, it all starts with a solid strategy. Your mission, vision, objectives, and strategies as well as your core offering, segmented approach, core competencies and unique positioning must all be considered. If you’re just launching, looking to expand, or perhaps trying to refocus your business, getting your strategy right will be the difference between success and failure. We develop strategies for strategic business units, markets, products, pricing, distribution and promotions. Our recommendations are based on an assessment of your internal strengths and weaknesses, external threats and opportunities, your competition, the customer and the business environment, as well as segment opportunities and trends analysis.

 Media and Marketing

Have you considered your media and marketing strategy as well? Based on Mary’s “Five-Pillar Media” approach, we look at how to leverage your OWNED, RENTED, EARNED, EMBEDDED and PAID media to get maximum marketing clout for minimal cost. Curious to learn more? Email or phone us: 604-720-5607

Marketing education


As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Mary delivers keynotes, presentations and workshops on marketing. Her signature topic “5-Minute Marketing: inspiration and insight for the time-starved” features a series of short segments on a variety of marketing topics delivered in a compelling and memorable way through storytelling with an action packed audio visual compliment. Specific topics can be catered to a clients needs, the program format, and length desired. We can also build a half or whole day workshop to make the program specific for your business. Please call to discuss your needs.

Link here to learn more about these two feature presentations

TOPIC #1: Think Like a Media Mogul: How to leverage your brand in multiple media channels

TOPIC #2: 5-Minute Marketing: Tips, trends and takeaways for the time-starved

CAPS website profile: Mary Charleson, CSP

As a sought after academic, who actively consults in her field, bringing current knowledge and examples to the classroom, Mary teaches some undergraduate and graduate MBA marketing courses when time allows!

Mary also delivers marketing seminars for Small Business BC, as a way to support the entrepreneurial community in Western Canada.

SBBC seminar series: Powerful Marketing for Small Business


As a Business in Vancouver marketing columnist since 2002, a Huffington Post marketing columnist since 2015, a contributor to national and international publications, a published author, and the producer of blog, Mary is recognized by industry leaders for her insights. Are you looking for written marketing thoughts, tips and trends for a publication? Would you like to pick up an article previously published on Mary’s blog? Please call to discuss how we can help you.

BIV columnist profile/articles: Mary Charleson, Business in Vancouver Marketing Columnist

Huffington Post: Mary Charleson, Huffington Post Marketing Columnist