Marketing Consulting


When it comes to marketing, it all starts with a solid strategy. Your mission, vision, objectives, and strategies as well as your core offering, segmented approach, core competencies and unique positioning must all be considered. If you’re just launching, looking to expand, or perhaps trying to refocus your business, getting your strategy right will be the difference between success and failure. We develop strategies for strategic business units, markets, products, pricing, distribution and promotions. Our recommendations are based on an assessment of your internal strengths and weaknesses, external threats and opportunities, your competition, the customer and the business environment, as well as segment opportunities and trends analysis. Charleson Communications has over 20 years of consulting experience and is uniquely positioned to offer primary market research services if required as part of your strategy formulation. Let’s talk and make sure you get this right.


Whether you need an analysis of secondary data or your own focused primary research, we can help. Our work includes customer intercept surveys, publication readership studies, customer satisfaction studies, advertising and social media effectiveness studies, focus groups and market segment and competitive analysis studies. Our research is always results focused. We personally handle from start to finish the design of studies, questionnaires, analysis, report findings and recommendations. We handle directly online survey fielding and analysis, and subcontract services for phone and intercept data collection work, prior to conducting the analysis ourselves. We put the emphasis on practical and usable recommendations. Please call to discuss your needs. We’d be happy to meet, consider your project, share past studies and show you how dealing with an experienced consultant can give you the results you need, without paying for all the extras at a larger firm.